Stainless steel products

Stainless steel products

LKL delivers pre-fab, final products and assembled products of RVS, steel and aluminium. RVS products are made, among others, using:

  • lost wax casting (precision + investment casting)
  • sand casting
  • welding
  • Completely machine processed (CNC or conventional)

Each method has specific characteristics which need to be applied optimally. After casting and/or processing, the products can be applied with various surface treatments. For more information about the independent manufacturing methods (casting, forging, welding, etc.) and the accompanying norms (tolerances), you can click the "Manufacturing methods" tab.


The most used RVS alloys are Aisi 304, Aisi 316 and Aisi 316L. Other alloys are also available.

When you want advice about the material or the ideal manufacturing method for your product, contact us. We would love to give you advice!


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