Investment casting (Lost wax)

Investment casting (Lost wax)

Here an overview of casting lost wax (investment casting process in China):

Lost wax casting (lost wax casting / investment casting / precision casting) is meant for your manufacturing of fine casting products up to a weight of 60kg.

It offers a high degree of freedom in design and details.

A wax model of your product is made. A coating of fireproof ceramic is applied. After drying this coating, there is a uniform hard layer on the wax model.

By heating the cast, the wax is melted out (lost wax), and the remaining shape is the cast for your product.

Casting lost wax is very well suited for mass production. Multiple wax models can be linked for a wax tree.

Casting lost wax requires smaller or no draft angles, and smaller details can be cast compared to for example sand casting. There is an array of steel alloys but also non ferrous and casting iron kinds.

Casting lost wax can be done in various degrees of quality, investment casting (highest quality) and precision casting. The casting tolerances (based on the casting norm NEN EN ISO 8062-3) vary between the DCTG 6 (investment casting and DCTG 8 (precision casting).

For more information about tolerances (dimension, wall thicknesses), click
here  to download the PDF. Or view the following table:
Verloren was en zand giet toleranties dimensioneel

A popular idea is that a lower product weight always results in a cheaper product. A product with walls that are too thin can result in defects during the production, which increases the price. It is important to think about the design of the product in an early stage.


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